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Talk to us about selling your fire protection business.

Looking to sell your business?

At Hoyles Fire & Safety, our principal aim is the grow through acquisition. We’re always looking for new opportunities throughout Europe and invest high prices where we can see a healthy return.

If you’re in the fire protection industry and are considering a sale, we’d love to hear from you, learn about your business, and show you how simple it could be.

A well-funded and experienced buyer for your business

With many years of experience in acquisitions, our process is easy to understand and remarkably fast. What’s more, with funds set aside for acquisitions, sourcing the necessary funds doesn’t get in the way of closing a deal.

There are five key steps in our acquisitions process:

1. We mutually enter a Non Disclosure Agreement
2. We hold an informal meeting to learn about your business
3. If we proceed, we’ll need detailed operational information to make an appropriate offer
4. If our offer is accepted, we’ll conduct the necessary due diligence
5. An acquisition contract is issued and, when agreed, money is paid

It’s a structured, simple process that allows you to exit the business while supporting our growth.


Contact Colin Jackson on 07813 456 148 or email