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By law, all business owners in the UK must comply with current fire safety regulations to protect themselves, their staff and their business.

Obligations for business owners

All business owners and employers are accountable for fire safety on their premises. It doesn’t matter what size the premises are or whether the business has shared occupancy or sole ownership, they must meet the legal requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Business owners must safeguard and protect their staff and workplace from the threat of a fire, and the building occupants and landlords must also be familiar with these responsibilities.

In most cases the accountability, and sole responsibility for any shortcomings, will lie with the business owner or employer.



The purpose of the legislation is to inform business owners about their role in providing a safe working environment to their employees. There shouldn’t be any chance of physical harm, which means the proper implementation of procedural, protective and preventative fire safety measures.



The fire safety legislation is complex, yet all business must comply with it or shut down their operations. Hoyles have extensive knowledge in this area, which allows us to offer guidance and help businesses to fulfil their responsibilities and understand their legal obligations.

Your obligations

Business owners must assume responsibility for everything that occurs on their premises. This means you must out in place processes that protect and inform all visitors and employees. The specifics may vary depending on hazards, risk levels, and property type.

Your responsibility
What it means in practice

Conduct regular Fire Risk Assessments.

Review these at regular intervals and, if the business use of the building changes or building undergoes structural change, you must conduct a new Fire Risk Assessment.

  • Get a qualified and capable assessor to carry out your Fire Risk Assessment

  • Set up a schedule for review, based on risk levels for your business

  • Record all findings in a manner that lets you demonstrate compliance

Inform all staff about fire procedures, fire policy, known risks and what actions they should take.

  • Offer tailored training for your business premises

  • Use easy to understand signs for compliance in the workplace

Set up and maintain proper fire safety measures.

  • Install fire extinguishers, alarms, suppression systems, methods of containment and more

  • Train your staff on how to use fire safety equipment

  • Regularly service and maintain all fire safety equipment

Have a proper plan for fire emergencies.

  • Create a proper emergency plan

  • Assign individuals roles and ensure they understand their responsibilities

Offer proper fire safety training to everyone.

  • Provide professional training on fire protection, intervention and prevention

  • Deliver specialised training to Fire Wardens


Get your copy of our at-a-glance guide to your fire safety obligations – ideal for sharing with colleagues.

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