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Passive Fire Protection

Protection your staf and premises against the 'invisible' risk of fire.

Passive fire protection

Our extensive expertise in fire protection has identified that the lack of fire stopping to service penetrations is one of many preventable recurring ‘invisible’ fire risks commonly found on business premises.

When contractors or in-house operatives break down a compartment or sub-compartment wall, it is often left unchecked. At Hoyles, we conduct a complete structural fire survey of accessible passive fire protection systems to identify these ‘invisible’ risks, and can solve the issue by installing different types of passive fire protection and fire stopping systems.

Structural and construction solutions

We have an experienced team, who can install a range of different structural and construction fire protection solutions. Our services include:

  • Smoke barriers systems.
  • Protection for structural steelwork, coating, spray and boarding solutions.
  • Passive fire protection audits and surveys.
  • Integrity testing of IT server rooms.
  • Compartment integrity audits and surveys.
  • Air sealing to important IT server rooms.
  • We source our products from accredited suppliers and our team is Third Party Accredited with the International Fire Consultants Group (IFC Group).

Fire consultancy

Our fire consultants have extensive experience in project delivery, which helps us add greater value engineering to all projects by combining our skills to maintain fire safety requirements. Our Consultant Fire Engineers are full-time members of the Institution of Fire Engineers, whose services include:

  • Assessment for Dangerous Substance and Explosive Atmosphere.
  • Construction phase audit.
  • Design reviews.
  • Developing strategies for fire safety to support Building Regulation applications.
  • Post construction audits.
  • Pre-construction meetings.
  • Project Management of contractors.
  • Support when consultation with Building Control Officers & Fire and Rescue Services.


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