What are your responsibilities with a fire risk assessment?

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What are your responsibilities with a fire risk assessment?

Whether you’re a new business starting out or one that’s been established for a while, if you’re in need of a quick recap on fire risk assessments responsibilities, read on. We’ll be covering:

  • who is responsible for fire risk assessments
  • the responsibilities associated with ensuring fire risk assessments are carried out
  • the importance of carrying out fire risk assessments
  • the consequences of failing to carry out a fire risk assessment

Who is responsible for ensuring fire risk assessments are carried out?

Owners, managers or business operators must comply with fire safety law, which means that you must abide by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 – this applies to all (owners, managers or business operators) throughout England and Wales.

The Order includes almost all buildings and structures, apart from private homes, however, shared areas in a house or block of flats are also covered by the Order.

What are the responsibilities associated with fire risk assessments?

You need to ensure that your premises meet the required fire safety standards and provide employees with adequate fire safety training.

Adequate staff fire safety training typically includes: 

  • Induction training that covers general fire awareness
  • Refresher training after a certain period of time or extra training if fire risks increase due to changes in the business 
  • Training to support your chosen ‘responsible people’ up to date with their fire safety duties
  • Training that provides ‘responsible persons’ with the skills they require to do the job, can include practical fire extinguisher training

The importance of fire risk assessments

Fire risk assessments are a legal requirement that not only identifies fire risks and hazards but also ensures that appropriate action is taken to minimise these risks. They also help you to put measures in place to tackle or slow down a fire, should a fire still occur. Fire risk assessments are put in place to save buildings, stop the spread of fire and more importantly, to save lives.

What are the consequences of not carrying out a fire risk assessment?

Avoiding fire risk assessments can lead to heavy fines or imprisonment. 

Who can help us with our fire risk assessment?

We can. It is our job to inspect the premises and it is our duty to work with businesses of all sizes to ensure all people within it are as safe as possible. For more in depth information on fire risk assessments, download our free risk assessment guide here.

Remember, fire risk assessments must be kept up to date, which means that you will require a new one if:

  • Changes have been made to the building
  • The purpose of the space has changed
  • You are storing new hazardous substances on site
  • You have had a fire-related incident in your building
  • The number of staff within the building has changed significantly
  • You have new staff members with disabilities
  • You have noticed damages to fire safety equipment

Book your fire risk assessment with Hoyles today and contact our expert team who will be able to assist you with all your important fire safety needs. We offer our services to those located throughout Leeds, Bradford & Huddersfield.

By Hoyles Fire and Safety Ltd

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