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Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

When it comes to a Class A, B or Class F fire, you’ll need a certain type of fire extinguisher in order to effectively tackle the blaze. 

A Class F fire is found in the kitchen and is typically caused by oils or fats when temperatures are high. These types of fires are particularly common in restaurants, canteens and industrial kitchens so it’s important to know what to do if they break out.

For a fire of this type, you should always use a wet chemical fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers that release water, foam or powder can be dangerous on a kitchen fire as they can splash the hot oil around the room, potentially causing harm to those nearby. 

Instead, wet chemical fire extinguishers exude a misty potassium substance which lowers the temperature of the fire, while coating it with a soapy layer; starving it of oxygen and preventing it from spreading and extinguishing it. Always release the entire substance to ensure the fire is out and will not reignite.      

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher Suppliers

When buying fire extinguishers, it’s important to find a supplier you can trust. The team at Hoyles Fire and Safety, has years of experience in fire safety and can provide you with an unrivalled service. 

If you work in a kitchen environment, oil fires and fat fires may break out, so it’s important you’re equipped with the correct appliances to handle any blaze. We’ll inform you where fire extinguishers should be located in accordance with BS 5306-8. 

As SP-101-certified suppliers, all our products (that are made in Britain) are: 

  • are compliant with EN3-7
  • are BSI Kitemarked with our unique KM number
  • are recycled where possible at the end of their lifespan

 Providing the very best fire safety equipment in Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield and the surrounding areas, as well as working as assisting with fire extinguisher installation, we also offer a fire extinguisher maintenance service in line with BS 5306-3, ensuring your devices are in the very best condition. 

Want to find out more about how we can help you? If so, get in touch with our team today.

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